FLYWAY Finance


We work with Senior Aviation Consultants and Operators to consistently identify and assist our clients in developing strategic short and long-term financial plans and across different scenarios, investments and markets.

Operational and structure costs control

Recognizing the importance of an efficient costs control within a company, we have a team specialized in increasing profits by implementing cost-effective measure, increasing sales and creating competitive advantage.

The importance of cost control plans has its goal in the need for higher profits, better competitive performance, and preservation of company resources, reducing waste and improving productivity.

Investment opportunities

We handle and identify investment opportunities on a daily basis in the area of Aviation, having this area a proven track record in optimizing the value of its assets through sales in all stages of the industry cycle.

  • Creation of small Airlines for Specific Markets
  • Purchase of Aircrafts for Direct Comercialization
  • Aircraft Leases
  • Land services – Ground Handling (passengers and cargo), Catering, FBOs
  • Infrastructure – Airplane Hangar Services, Airport Development
  • Training and Education – Professional and Academic
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) – Engine, Structure, Components
  • Recycling / Dismantling of Aircraft