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FLYWAY Aircraft Marketing and Commercialization

Our expertise and network give us the means to market any type of aircraft.

Short or long term contracts – our customers come to us because we sell profitably and we provide a quick answer, assuming the management and coordination of operations to optimize the entire process according a defined strategy.

FLYWAY Short or Long Term Wet Lease and Charter

Wet leasing is rent an aircraft with crew , maintenance and insurance- ACMI

You can contract a service to cover an unpredictable need or to increase temporarily your capacity without having to purchase an aircraft.

We have the ability to present you with options that fit your needs by offering highly credible aircrafts.

What do You Need?

We deliver integrated and innovative aviation solutions, taking care of your plans and last-minute details, tailoring every aspect of your trip to fit your needs. Our approach combines the exclusivity of your own jet with the flexibility of an entire fleet.

Do you have specific needs? Let’s talk about them. We will have a solution for you.


We are specialists in the profitable commercialization of private jets. If you are a owner, we will help you to turn your jet into profitable business. Fly with us… professionally!

Fly in your own specific terms. Remote location? Unusual scheduling? Business or Leisure? Time Saving? Whatever reason you may have to fly premium, we have got you covered.


Are you looking to move key workers all over the world? Do you need air travelling for you and your company? From sports & entertainment to oil and gas, from financial services to mining… we can support the logistical needs of any industry.


Your cargo, delivered fast and secure at the lowest cost all over the world. If you are looking for experience, knowledge and professional service, our specialized team will take care of the entire process in your behalf.

Special Requests

Non standard or special situations? Critical or emergency needs? From evacuations to critical supplies or special products, we are highly experienced and prepared to get you a solution. Just let us know what you need.

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