FLYWAY Aircraft Marketing and Commercialization

Our expertise and network give us the means to market any type of aircraft.

Short or long term contracts – our customers come to us because we sell profitably and we provide a quick answer, assuming the management and coordination of operations to optimize the entire process according a defined strategy.

FLYWAY Short or Long Term Wet Lease and Charter

Wet leasing is rent an aircraft with crew , maintenance and insurance- ACMI

You can contract a service to cover an unpredictable need or to increase temporarily your capacity without having to purchase an aircraft.

We have the ability to present you with options that fit your needs by offering highly credible aircrafts.


FLYWAY AOC – Air Operator Certificate Hosting

Air Operator Certificate (AOC) is an approval that allows an operator to use aircrafts for commercial purposes. This requires personnel, assets and systems in place to ensure safety and functionality.

FLYWAY offers AOC Hosting for owners that want to charter or commercialize its own aircraft.

We provide:

  • AOC – Air Operator Certificate
  • EASA or ICAO
  • Aircraft phase in and phase out
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Certification and compliance

Aircraft Sale

Owners trust us with their aircrafts to sell exclusively through our direct network.
Buying an aircraft is a delicate process and should be accompanied by specialists.

FLYWAY has a dedicated team available to follow you up on choosing the best aircraft, offering a study that helps in understanding the potential of each option.

flying plane

FLYWAY Finance

Aviation is a low margin business that needs large volume to be profitable.

Maintenance and operating costs are of utmost importance to the success of any aviation operation.

Based on our background and expertise we are able to offer the following services:

  • Operational & Structural Cost Control
  • Procurement
  • Invoicing
  • Investment & Yield Management

Flight Operations

The Flight Operations/Flight Dispatch Team available 24/7, is composed by professionals with long experience, certified with a license JAA and ICAO, issued by the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), ensuring all Operational Services.

  • Flight Dispatch Worldwide/Flight Watch
  • Overflight, Landing Permits
  • Fuel, Handling and Accomodation arrangements
  • Route Study/Analysis
  • Route/Flight Costs
  • Route costs optimization taking in account fuel tankering and overflights

FLYWAY Special Services

There are very specific air transport needs that need to be addressed. We provide:

  • Diplomatic and Military Transportation
  • Special Cargo Flights
  • Flights to very restrictive locations and airports
  • Custom Requests



With efficiency and safety, we guarantee the transport of any type of cargo:

  • Mail
  • Perishable Goods
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Live Animals
  • Valuable Material Cargo
  • Others

We can provide a diverse aircraft fleet adapted to your needs from credible operators.

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